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BREVETTI Dott. Ing. DIGIOVANNI SCHMIEDT Srl, established by the Engineer Italo Digiovanni Schmiedt, is active in the field of Intellectual Property since 1960, all along convinced that the Intellectual Property protection is the main tool for the promotion of the investments in Research & Development, which are continuously increasing because of the growing technological complexity imposed by the dynamics of the competitive context.


Meaning of the figures

The Liberty style building which is visible in the upper band of the page comes from a competitive design examination for the realization of the Central Railway Station in Milan, dated 1907, made by our founder’s father. Don’t you agree that the Railway Station would have been better if, at that time, this design had been preferred?
The figure partially visible on the background comes from the Italo Digiovanni Schmiedt’s mechanical engineering graduation thesis, dated 1948. The drawing shows a “compensated” fast Diesel engine that at the date could have been considered innovative and for which a patent had been granted.